Bed linen production

Aliana Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of bed linen in Bulgaria, with its own production base in Haskovo town, equipped with high quality professional equipment. The registered brand of the company is "Roxyma Dream".

    Aliana Ltd. is the only Bulgarian company with a silicone down duvet and pillow filling lines. The Lightweight duvets we produce are unique, luxurious, very warm and capable of satisfying every taste. Silicone down filling ranges from 100 g/m2 up to 300 g/m2.

    The materials used in the production are ecologically clean, with exceptionally high quality, rich color range and wide assortment - percale modal, tencel, silk, viscose, satin stripe, cotton print, cotton satin, jacquard. The designs are up-to-date, consistent with the world fashion trends in bed linen.

    Aliana Ltd. is the only licensed company in Bulgaria that produces duvets with a topper sheet attached with plastic press studs, so that they can be quickly removed and easy to wash, making it a dream for every housewife.

    The pillow line allows the production of products with various fillings - silicone down, granulated silicon down, microfibre silicone down, resulting in pillows of varying height and hardness. The pillows are anti-allergic, extremely resistant to losing shape and provide a healthy and relaxed sleep.

     Enjoy the real pleasure and angelic touch, the softness, warmth and tenderness of our products designed to make your dreams come true. Roxyma Dream Bedding is the luxury you can afford and deserve!

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