Polyester wadding

The wadding we offer is made of polyester staple fibres and ranges from 60 to 500g/m2, with width up to 3 meters. The weight and the width of the wadding comply with the customers' requirements. It has a wide application in the production of furniture, outerwear, uniforms, home textiles,the production of filters and many others.




Syliconized-thermal wadding

The Syliconized-thermal wadding represents a bulk wadding of syliconized polyester fibres which are combined with the help of fiber-bonded fibers ensuring softness, volume and excellent return. Its weight varies from 60 to 500 g / m2, the width is up to 3 meters and the thickness is from 1 to 10 cm. This type of wadding is an eco-friendly product with very good exploitation properties suitable for the production of bed linen, upholstered furniture and home textile.

Latex wadding

The latex wadding is made of synthetic staple fibers of polyesters bonded by the injection of acrylic polymer dispersions. Its weight ranges from 100 to 300 g / m2, and the width is up to 3 meters.


The leaning is a product that is obtained by bonding thermo-siliconе wadding and needle-wool non-woven fabric, which is used in the production of details for upholstered furniture.

Pressed wadding

The presssed wadding is thermo-silicone wadding with a small volume obtained by new technology under the influence of high temperature. The weight ranges from 30 to 500 g / m2, and the width is up to 3 meters. It is used in furniture production and is also very suitable for making filters. It is an ideal substitute for many industrial products as well as having very good insulation properties.

Production of polyester wadding


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