Our pillows are the best solution for a healthy sleep and complete rest. The various types we offer are filled with silicone down, which can be easily washed, do not loose shape, do not retain dust and are anti-allergic. They guarantee maximum comfort in the neck area, provide complete relaxation of the neck and shoulder muscles and perfectly adapt to the shape and weight of the head. When they are not under pressure, they completely regain their original form. The produced types are as follows: quilted, plain and non-woven, with the silicone down filling ranging from 500 g/m2 to 1 kg/m2.


The details in the interior design are those little elements that turn into accent and transform the overall look of the room. Various cushions can make your home look fresh, colorful, rigorous or sophisticated. Our cushions are a combination of esthetics and functionality. Different prints and decorations, such as cords and ropes, make them even more original.



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