About Us

   Aliana Ltd. is a company with leading positions on the market for production of polyester and silicone wadding, silicone down, duvets and bed linen. The manufacturing part of the company has a wide range of the latest professional machines for the production of wadding, multi-column computerized quilting machines, lines for duvet and pillow filling with silicone down as well as machines for individual sewing of duvets. The wadding and down we produce has a wide application in the production of furniture, outerwear, unifroms, home textiles and bed linen. The quilting machines we have are with maximum width of 320cm and with the possibility to perform more than 1000 types of quilting.

  Aliana Ltd. has its disposal an ultrasonic machine for various types of quilting. It works with different heavyweight sponge, foam, leather and fabrics with maximum width of 240cm. The production is widely used in furniture, bed linen, uniforms, outerwear and other industries. 

   The company also imports and trades with lining and fabrics for the production of furniture, shirts, uniforms, ladies' and men's ready-made clothes. Everyone is welcome to come and see our products in our warehouse base in Haskovo, Osvobozhdenie blvd. 95. With its rich assortment, ALIANA Ltd. strives to fully satisfy all its customers' demands.

   In 2007 the company created the bed linen brand ROXYMA DREAM, which for a short time gains clients' confidence, and earned its position on the Bulgarian market as a high-class bed linen with a guarantee of luxury and superb quality.


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95 Osvobozhdenie blvd.
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